May 26, 2011

handsome things

handsome things showcase some of the most handsomely designed art from around South Africa as well as the artists/designers/artisans behind them.

my photography was featured today.

May 10, 2011

between 10and5 exhibition

"Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion Design approached Between 10and5 to come up with a styling brief for their grad students. We asked some of our favourite emerging Cape Town photographers to collaborate. The Brief was to work as a team to conceptualise and create a six page fashion story based on an assigned title."

my theme was 'a tale of two cities'.

view the online exhibition here

May 05, 2011

bridge to nowhere

RAKA fest '11

golden sky

RAKA fest '11

the golden girls

black lake

RAKA fest '11


bad kids

RAKA fest '11

the girl & boys

yellow little spider

RAKA fest '11

amber jean

floating vibes

RAKA fest '11

i follow rivers


RAKA fest '11


us godless teenagers

RAKA fest '11

enough said.

solitude is bliss

my friend, maxine, bought a funny little camera a few months ago. while she was 'on holiday' i took a few test films. 

it's a great find, max.

road tripping

en route to RAKA fest '11

rodeo town

long street, cape town